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Vision & Mission Statement
AGMK SANSTHAN vision is to develop a community of colleges and colleges for the community to work collectively and responsibly to meet the life long learning needs of our diverse students. For this particular institute, the trust, thru its most professional management, looking forward to create top class state-of-art facility where experienced faculties and recognized Engineering Gurus, in close co-ordination with business and industry, can cultivate successful Industrial Engineering / management professionals. The Trust will ensure greater industry involvement in the form of sponsored students, summer trainings, project based consultancy etc. The Trust is confident of achieving good recognition by the National Assessment and Accreditation Council, after few years of working of the Polytechnic College.
About The Trust
 Present Activities.
 Mission & Vision Statements.
 VPC Project & Its philosophy,Incorporation Of Sorrounding Industries as Partners.
 Guidelines On Future projects Of The Trust/Sansthans.

Values - Student Focus

 Each student is valuable and important.
 Educate and develop the whole student :
 Accountability Ethics and Safety.
 Ethics and Safety.
 Industry and Community
                            “We aim to provide the highest quality educational experience
                   for every student and to enable studentsto achive their
                            highest goals whether in higher education.“
KEY FEATURES :AGMKS is different

 Offering instruction in engineering and applied sciences at a level comparable to the very best in the world.
 Providing best facilities for postgraduate studies and research.
 Providing leadership in curriculum planning and laboratory development.
 Anticipating the technological needs for India and to plan and prepare to cater to men.
 Developing continuing education programs.
 Workshop will also be used for fabricating Chemical equipment so that students can be involved in design & actual construction of equipment.

“The current degree programmes are designed to provide flexible training for students to meet the future demands of the process industry. The diverse curricula and training offered make our graduates employable not only to the process industry but also to the other economic sectors, such as management consultancy, banking, finance and accountancy.“

Sr.No. Name Address
1 Shri Sandipsinh Amarsinh Mangrola alias Surjitsinh A. Mangrola At & post Luna,Tal. Valia,Bharuch
2 Shri Dilipsinh Ishwarsinh Atodariya At & post Sadgam,Tal.Valia,Bharuch
3 Shri Mahendra Raatnasinh Karmariya At & post Desad,Tal.Valia,Bharuch
4 Shri Hahendrasinh Hamirsinh Kosada At & post Sadgam,Tal.Valia,Bharuch
5 Shri Ranjitsinh Ramsinh Mangrola At & post Luna,Tal.Valia,Bharuch
6 Shri shailendrasinh Ranjitsinh Magrola At & post Luna,Tal.Valia,Bharuch
7 Rajendrasinh Mansinh Mangrola At & Post Luna,Tal. Valia,Bharuch

The above trustees have dynamic personalities and have excelled in their own areas of work.
They believe in giving as much as they can for the benefit of people.

  E-Mail : agmks@yahoo.com, valiapolytechnic@gmail.com Phone No : (02643) 270147-270148
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